Sant’ Arturo Wine is a boutique wine brand, connecting Europe’s finest vineyards with New York’s chicest consumers. Established in 2011 by Arty Dozortsev—a liquor business veteran—Sant’ Arturo curates the best Whites, Reds, Sparkling Wines and Rosés from high-end vineyards across Italy and France. Operating under the mantra, “wine shouldn’t be so serious”, Dozortsev aggregates beautiful wines for the most on-trend people in the New York City metro area, solely for enjoying and indulging. Keeping this high-end wine down to earth, Sant’ Arturo is imported and distributed by Dozortsev’s own family’s company, Dozortsev and Sons. It is then served on the scene at New York’s hottest restaurants and venues, including: STK, Cipriani, MPD, Ajna, Casa La Femme, Tao, Lavo, The Darby, and 1 OAK.


It is with discerning taste buds that Dozortsev and his family select each wine that enters the Sant’ Arturo line. By the time Sant’ Arturo wine is poured into your glass, there is nothing left to do but enjoy it. Sant’ Arturo’s Amarone, Chianti, Brunello, and, the French Rosé are among the most coveted bottles in the collection. Sexy, tasteful and always delicious, Sant’ Arturo is the epitome of delight.